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How Does Your Autograph Method Circulate in your Marketing Funnel

Bhartesh Shetty
3 min readJun 21, 2020


Your Autograph method plays an integral part in your marketing funnel. A technique works best when it’s at the core of the funnel. It’s the main draw that gets people first to follow you, and can then lead to further purchases down the line.

The Captivator: Your Ethical Bribes

First, you need something to bring people into your sales funnel. You can promote your Autograph Method online, and some people will find you through this marketing. But you can ramp up your marketing efforts by offering free content first to build your audience, and then pitching your program to them once they know and trust you for valuable information.

The best way to do this is to offer an Ethical Bribe or also called Lead Magnet. It is a free information product that people can download. The bride offers helpful tips and establishes your expertise. It also mentions your program and the benefits it provides.

You can also offer an email list. It works well in combination with Opt-In Incentives, which is an enticement for people to sign up for your list. Through the tips you offer in your emails, you further build a relationship with your audience, and you can then pitch your program.

Keep in mind that your entry point content can be anything you put online that can draw traffic, including blog posts, YouTube videos, and interactions on social media. Just make sure this content is relevant to your program.

The Centrepiece: Your Autograph System

Your Autograph System is the centrepiece of your sales funnel. This system, which you’ve discovered and used yourself successfully, enables your audience to see the most significant benefits in their business or life.

You can put other offers at other price points here in your sales funnel, as well as different content types and formats. If done effectively, you can learn quite a bit about your audience’s preferences by seeing which offers they take.

The Last Mile: Your Golden Piece

Your Autograph Method can be used to lead your customers to a higher-priced item at the end of your sales funnel. After receiving the help they need through your Autograph system, your customers are ready to see what else you have to offer. You may also be offering a higher level, deep-dive version of your Autograph system that includes personal interaction with you, which some customers will wish to pay more for.

Many service-based businesses use a program like this to sell their services. Through the program, the customer comes to see you as a reliable expert.

The key to creating a sound system is to find an area where you’ve achieved success and results and analyze how you did it. Break this process down into steps that you can teach to someone else.

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